Emunah, Purpose and Reconnecting with Your Soul

"Be Whole with yourself, whole with God​ and whole with others."

(Maharal, Gevurot Hashem)

Monday, January 29th

Optional additional day:

8:30 Pick up from Airport

9:00 Stop off at Inbal and put bags in storage

Receive welcome packets


*Join "Emunah day" and Yarchei Kalla at Aish

      9:30   Rabbi Aryeh Nivin,

      10:30  Rav Itamar Schwartz

      12:00  Yom Tov Glaser 

      1:00  Boxed lunch in the Old City

      2:00 Emunah Workshops and discussions

*9:30 Walk to the Old City

10:30 Tour of Old City with Patrick Amar

12:15   Menachem Begin Heritage Center

2:00     Boxed Lunch and Bus to Old City  

3:00 Rabbi Doniel Katz's Elevation Seminar

5:00 Refreshments and regroup

5:30-6:30 Rebbetzin Heller 

6:45 Bus leaves to hotel

Check in to Inbal hotel

Free evening

Tuesday, January 30th

Theme: "Be Whole with Yourself"- relax, renew and rejuvenate

7:00 Breakfast at hotel

8:30 Check out, put main bags in storage

9:00 Pick-up at Inbal hotel in Jerusalem

9:45  Western Wall Experience        R. Yehuda Weinberg

10:15 The 6 Constant Mitzvot as Milestones in Relating to God

                     R. Eric Coopersmith

11:15  Welcome Brunch

12:00 Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi event: Tu B'shvat and the Power of Renewal

1:10 Leave on Bus to the Dead Sea

3:00 Check in to Herod's

3:30-6:00 Pre-ordered spa treatments

5:15 Getting to Know You - Ice-breaker

                                             Dini Coopersmith & Fannie Schwartz

6:00  Zumba with Miriam Grosz

7:00-8:00 Dinner

8:00 Options:

When Torah meets Fashion    Chana Weinberg       

Making the Most of Singlehood      Aleeza Ben Shalom         

9:00- 11:30 pm  

       Private swimming and spa-time at the pool       

       Optional Pilates with Miriam Grosz

       Rules of the Road to Health    Nilli Grutman - Eshet

       Seder Tu B'Shvat and "Amen" party with Aleeza Ben Shalom

Wednesday, January 31st

Tu B'shvat

Theme: Be Whole with Yourself: Getting to know your Soul

7:00 Breakfast available

8:00 Options:

         Zumba with Miriam Grosz

         Dead Sea Swim

         Spa treatments

10:00 Check out of hotel

           Pack bus

10:45 Writing a Mission Statement for your Life

                   Dini Coopersmith

11:45 Break-out discussion/processing groups: Bring out your Unique Potential

           Aleeza ben-Shalom and Dini Coopersmith

12:30 Leave to Ein Gedi

1:30   Hike in Nachal David in Ein Gedi

       Learn about King Saul, Self-Esteem, and "Tehillim"            composed here by King  David...

2:30 Lunch and Tu B'shvat Tour in Botanical Gardens of Kibbutz Ein Gedi 

4:30  Back to Jerusalem

5:30 Check in to hotel

Free Evening

​Thursday, February 1st

Theme: "Be Whole with others": Chessed and Gevura

7:00 Yoga with Lisa Bersche near the pool

8:00 Breakfast (available from 6:30 am)

9:00 Walk to Old City

9:30  Options: 

              The Art of Giving

                         Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith


11:00    When the Judge is You

                         Rav Gav Friedman

12:00  5 Steps to Greatness           Mrs. Shira Smiles        

1:00   Leave to tour of Gush Etzion and Chevron  with  Ayala ben Yosef 

1:45          Stop at "Pinah Chama"   at the Gush checkpoint      

2:15          Sadnat Shiluv - visit a special village in "Gvaot"                

Lunch at the Coffee Shop    

Hear about the "One Family" Organization and

               "Dancing Through Life":     Cheryl Mandel      

3:15  Leave to Visit Mearat HaMachpela 

            Meet Sarah Nachshon, an inspiring woman in Kiryat Arba

5:00 Back to Jerusalem 

6:45 Visit "Bayit L'Pleitot" a safe home for girls in Jerusalem:

Evening of Music and Movement with Yona Jones and a beautiful group of young women.

8:30 Back to Hotel

9:00 Optional:  How do I get Myself (my daughter, my son, my friend) Married?

                 Workshop with Aleeza ben-Shalom


Friday,  February 2nd

Theme​: "Be Whole with Others": Family 

6:45 Breakfast 

7:45 Trip to Kever Rachel

                 Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky

9:30 How do we communicate with God?

                 Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky

10:30 Options:

"Oh, that's Why I married you!"  

                                               Chana Levitan  

Singles and Divorced: Where do we grow from here?

                       Aleeza Ben-Shalom

                 At Heichal Shlomo, 58 King George St.

11:30  Tasting Tour at Shuk,

            Prepare for Shabbat

​4:00 Leave for Old City

4:30 Bringing in the Shabbat Queen with Aleeza ben Shalom

4:50 Candle-lighting at Aish Building in the Gindi Lobby

         Daven at Kotel

6:30 Dinner at Aish Building in the Gindi Lobby

Hosted by Rabbi Efim and Meira Svirsky

8:00 Oneg Shabbat at Aish


GPS to the Soul           Sara Yocheved Rigler 

Parenting teenagers (and aspiring teens!)    Meira Svirsky

9:45  Walk back to hotel      


Shabbat, February 3rd

"Be Whole with God": A day of being, not doing...


8:00-10:45 Breakfast/Kiddush

Shul Options: Great Synagogue, HaNasi Shul ,Kotel, Shlomo Carlebach Shul

10:15  In the footsteps of Powerful Jewish Women    Dini Coopersmith   

11:00  Walk to HaNasi Shul

11:15  Shabbat Shiur

                       R. Eitiel Goldvicht

                          At Hanasi shul #24 Usishkin St.

12:00 Lunch with special Host Families in the area

4:30 Meet in hotel lobby 

            Questions and Answers

                 Panel discussion: Dini Coopersmith, Aleeza ben-                                                                                                                            Shalom

5:15 Walk to Musical Havdala and Melave Malka

5:53 Havdala

Meet a special family with a beautiful home overlooking Har HaBayit

7:30 Free Evening



Sunday, February 4th​

Theme: "Be Whole with God": The 6 constant Mitzvot and Putting it all together;

6:30 Breakfast Available

7:00 Optional Exercise class with Emily Shaaya near the Pool

8:00 Check out and store luggage

8:30  Walk to Old City

9:15 Photo Op on Roof

9:30 The Stretch to Infinity

                                     R. Nechemia Coopersmith

10:45  God's Favorite Mitzva  

                                     R. Eric Coopersmith

12:00 Group Wrap up:  4 Ways to Bring Inspiration in to Your Life

                                                         Dini Coopersmith

12:45 Prayer Room and visit kotel for last time

1:30  Free for last minute Shopping

​3:00 Meet at hotel to pack bus and fill out evaluations

4:00  Bus from Hotel to Lechem U'vasar at Old Train Station for Farewell Banquet 

4:30 Parting words and Dinner

6:00 Options:

*Bus to Tsfat and Check in to Ruth Rimonim hotel

*On your own in Jerusalem

*Transfer to Ben Gurion​​


L'hitraot- See you next year!

optional additional trip day for $200

(Includes night at the hotel on the 4th and all Tsfat activities)

9pm February 4th

Meet a special glass-fusing artist and make stunning mezuzahs! 

Monday February 5th

8:00 Delicious Israeli Breakfast

9:00 Cellphone photography workshop and tour with Jodi Sugar

11:00 Walk to grave of the holy Arizal

Guided meditation and class on Prayer  Rabbi M. Sender

12:45 Lunch in Artist's Colony B&B

1:45   Shopping and touring 

Bus to Meron, gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

3:30 Bus to Zichron Yaakov 
5:00 Stroll in a 1st Aliyah town where modern Israel was conceived 

*  Wine and chocolate tasting Tour and dinner at Tishbi Winery

6:30 Bus leaves to Ben Gurion airport/ Jerusalem 

L'hitraot- See you next year!


Upcoming trip:
Nov. 5th -11th, 2019
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