Tentative Itinerary

Mon. Feb. 4th

extra pre-trip touring day

($200 extra for tour day, $250 including accommodations that night pp in double room)

7:45 Pick up from Inbal hotel in Jerusalem

8:30 Pick up from Shilat Junction

Depart to Zichron Yaakov

10:30 Tour beit Ahronson Museum

11:30 Depart for Tishbi in Binyamina

12:00 Visit Tishbi Winery - wine and chocolate tasting

  lunch break at Tishbi restaurant

1:30 Leave to Tiberias

2:30 Visit grave of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes

     And of Rabbi Akiva and Rachel, wife of Rabbi Akiva

4:40 pm Depart to Jerusalem

7:00 Arrive in Jerusalem

Check in to Inbal

Have a good night!

Tuesday, Feb 5th

A Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body

8:30 Meet in Jerusalem- Inbal lobby

Money Changer will be available to change all currencies

9:00 Leave to Old City, Aish World Center

Classes will take place in Beren Hall, Aish World Center, Lobby floor

9:30 What is the Purpose of Life? Dini Coopersmith

10:45 Getting to know you ice breaker and Welcome brunch

11:30 Rules or Relationship? Rav Gav Friedman

12:30 Leave to Dead Sea

2:30  Check in to Isrotel

3:00-6:00 Scheduled spa Treatments


4:00 Top 3 Secrets to Energy, Weight Loss and Rejuvenation

               Yardena Slater

5:15  Dancing Through Life    Cheryl Mandel

6:00 Zumba with Miriam Grosz 

7:00 Dinner

8:00 The Kitchen Revamp - Top 10 Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Health                         Nilli Grutman Eshet


9:00-11:30  night visit to the Dead Sea  

9:00 Joining the Tribe               Rivki Silver

10:00 Options: 

Are Hormones to Blame?  Weight management in your 40s, 50s and 60s.            Sarah Batya Friedman   

The Transcendence of Music           Connie Gitlin                             


Wed., Feb 6th

Be Whole with Yourself

 8:30 Pelvic floor muscles, Pilates and You!    Miriam Grosz, near the pool, bring towel to class


 9-10 Scheduled Spa Treatments/ Dead Sea

10:00 Getting to know your Soul     Dini Coopersmith

           Workshop- writing a mission statement for your Life

11:00 Using your Unique Talents       Rivki Silver

12:00 Check out 

1:00 Picnic Lunch and hike in Ein Gedi

   with Eitan Rund

3:30 Depart for Jerusalem

5:00 Check in to Inbal

Free for Dinner

(suggestion: Winter Soup Festival at Inbal hotel)

7:45 meet in Lobby to walk to house on 6 Dor Dor v'Dorshav

8:00 Laughter Workshop with Debbie Hirsch

                                  at 6 Dor Dor v'Dorshav

Thurs., Feb 7th

Be Whole with Others

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Walk to Aish

 Group pic on roof

Classes take place at Beren Hall, Aish World Center, Lobby floor

9:30 Road Rage and the Art of Being Human   Nechemia Coopersmith

10:40   Judge Your Fellow as You would Yourself   Rav Gav Friedman

11:40  pick up Lunch "to go" on your own in the Old City 

12:10  Optional:     Hall of Notes  at Aish lobby

1:00   Leave to Gush Etzion, from outside kotel area, Dung Gate

1:30  Meet Steve Gar, tour and hear about anti-terrorism

2:00 Meet Sarah Nachshon, Kiryat Arba, Chevron

3:00 Cave of Machpela

4:00 Sound and Light show at Kfar Etzion

5:00 Oz v'Gaon Memorial 

6:00 Visit  Pinah Chama: rest stop for soldiers

6:30 Sushi and Salad dinner at Debbie Kodish's in Neve Daniel

8:00 The Significance of a Leap Year- Adar A          Shani Taragin

9:00 Depart to Jerusalem


Fri, Feb 8th

Jerusalem Prepares for the Queen

6:45 Breakfast

7:45 Interactive Prayer Workshop with Reb. Yehudis Golshevsky

          at Inbal hotel

8:45 Leave to Kever Rachel with Reb. Golshevsky

10:00 How to fix Spiritual Anorexia and Develop a healthy Self- Image              R. Eric Coopersmith                                     6 Dor Dor v'Dorshav

11:00 Tour of Geula and Meah Shearim with Basha Zussman

 free for lunch in the shuk

 Shuk shopping and Shabbat prep

 Leave to Aish for candle-lighting

4:30 Candle-lighting

 Kotel Daven and Dance

6:00 Dinner at Aish World Center

8:00 Oneg Shabbat and Discussion:

Being an individual within Family, Community and "the System" with            Rivki Silver

9:00 Walk Back to Hotel

9:30 Maintaining your Soul-mate throughout your marriage              with Aleeza ben Shalom                                 in hotel Lobby

Shabbat, Feb 9th

An Island in Time

7:00 Breakfast available

8:30 Shul Options: at hotel, Early walk to Kotel, Great Synogogue, Hanasi

10:30 Walk to Hanasi shul

11:00 Rabbi Goldvicht's Shabbat Shiur

11:30 Walk to local hosts around Rechavia

12:00 Shabbat Lunch in Rechavia

3:00 Options: Shabbat Rest

Afternoon panel discussion with Aleeza ben Shalom, Dini            Coopersmith, Rivki Silver

Walk to Kotel or around the beautiful streets of Jerusalem

4:15 Imahot- The Power of the Jewish Woman      Dini Coopersmith

5:30 Havdala at the hotel

8:00 Melava Malka at Linda Elman's beautiful home in the Old City

8:30 Class about Joy and Adar with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

9:30 Concert with Miri Israeli

Sun. Feb 10th

Be Whole with Hashem


Classes at Inbal hotel:

9:30  The Stretch to Infinity R. Nechemia Coopersmith 

10:35 Women, Chana and the Power of Prayer, Shprintzee Rappaport 

11:30  Building a Relationship with God    Dini Coopersmith

12:30 Boxed Salads and Sandwiches Lunch

1:00 Leave to Shiloh with Eliana Passentin

2:15 Tour Ancient Shiloh

4:00 Tura winery with Vered the Vintner

5:00 Visit a Yurt in Moshav Achiya

6:00 Back to Jerusalem

Free for Dinner and evening

8:30 Fit Hit with Shira

9:30 Optional: Parenting with Elisheva Ingber

Mon. Feb. 11th

Putting it all Together: Living with Inspiration


Check out and store bags in storage

Classes in Inbal hotel

9:30  Creating a Plan for Personal Growth   Aleeza Ben Shalom

10:30 Inspiration and Transformation   Chaya Lester

12:00 Leave for Tasting tour of shuk with Chana Mason

2:00 Free shopping time 

4:45 back to hotel to pack bus 

5:30 Banquet dinner- group sharing- taking it all home

8:00 Leave to airport

L'hitraot Next Year!

Upcoming trip:
Nov. 5th -11th, 2019
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