February 2020 tentative itinerary

Feb-11th-17th, 2020

​​Tuesday, Feb. 11th

9:30 Pick-up at Inbal hotel in Jerusalem

Money Changer will be available at 8:30 in Lobby

Depart to Aish building in Old City

9:30  Workshop

  What Are we Here For?    Facilitated by Dini Coopersmith  

10:45 Spiritual Anorexia and Healthy Self Esteem   R. Eric Coopersmith

11:45 Welcome Brunch

12:30 Preparation for Western Wall experience   R. Eitiel Goldwicht

1:00 Visit Kotel

2:00 Leave to Dead Sea
3:30 Check in to Isrotel

4:00 Dancing for Life                     Cheryl Mandel
4-6  Optional Spa treatments
6:00 Zumba                    Miriam Grosz

7:00 Buffet Dinner at the Hotel

8:30 Getting to Know You- Ice Breaker 

9:30 Rules of the Road to Health  Yardena Slater

10:30-12:00 Wine and Kumsitz outdoors at the pool​


Wednesday, Feb. 12th

Becoming Whole with Oneself

"If I am not for Myself, Who will be for Me?"​ (Ethics of the Fathers)

​7:00 Breakfast opens

8:00 Yoga with Marla

9:00 Options:

Visit Dead Sea

You and your Pelvic Floor                  Miriam Grosz 

10:00  Options:  Pilates with Miriam Grosz
More about Nutrition and Aging Gracefully 
     Yardena Slater

11:00  Workshop: 
                    Strategies for Using our Unique Talents

                          Facilators:  Dini Coopersmith and Samantha Amit

1:00 Depart for Ein Bokek hike with Eytan Rund

2:00 Hike in Ein Bokek, Einot Tzukim

2:30 Salad and sandwich lunch break

4:00 stop at Qasr el Yahud  

4:30 Head back to Jerusalem

5:30 Check in to Inbal hotel

Rest and Freshen up

6:30 Free for dinner.

very recommended: Soup festival at hotel

8:00 Chocolate and Wine and Art Ba'Aretz workshop with Bonnie Katzenstein

at Airbnb house about 5 min. walk from hotel

​Thursday, Feb. 13th

Becoming Whole with Others

"If I am only for Myself, What am I"? (Ethics of the Fathers)

​8:00 Breakfast at the hotel

Walk to Aish World Center

9:00  Photo op on the Roof of Center  

9:15  Road Rage and the Art of Being Human    Rabbi Nechemia                   Coopersmith

10:15 Judging your Fellow Favorably Rav Gavriel Friedman 

11:15 Options:

a. The Roadmap to Intimacy.   Aviva Barnett
b. Mindfulness.    Ilana Cowland

12:45 Free for Lunch in Old City

2:30 Tour of Old City with Eytan Rund

3:30 New Tunnels and Excavations

5:15 Tanach Experience at the Cardo

6:15 Experience the hospitality of a Unique home and delicious cuisine in a Magical Yard in City of David. 

​Friday Feb. 14th

​6:30 Breakfast available

Classes at the Hotel

8:00 Visit Kever Rachel wi
               Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky

10:00  Interactive Prayer Workshop at hotel:

Facilitated by Yehudis Golshevsky 

11:15 Walk to shuk

12:00 Free for lunch and shopping

  Prepare for Shabbat

​​3:30 Leave for Old City

4:30 Candle-lighting at the Aish World Center

Bringing in the Shabbat Queen 
         Dance and Daven at Kotel

6:00 Dinner at Aish World Center

8:30 Walk back to hotel

9:00 Oneg Shabbat in Hotel Lobby

Shabbat, Feb. 15th

​6:30 Breakfast opens​​

8:00-10:45 Shul options

10:15  Breakfast/Kiddush    

10:45 Workshop: Developing a Relationship with God     facilitated by  Dini Coopersmith

11:45 Walk to King David Residence for Shabbat Lunch

12:00 Shiur with R. Eitiel Goldwicht

12:45 Lunch with host families

2:30 optional Shabbat Rest

5:00 Walk to Clamans in Old City

Sunday, Feb. 16th

Heroic Jewish Women: Inspiration and Resilience

7:00 Breakfast opens


8:00 Yoga with Marla

9:00 The Power of the Jewish Woman     Dini Coopersmith


10:00 Keynotes

Inspiring Jewish Women: 

   ***Beatie Deutsch: Marathon Medalist

   ***Kay Wilson: Survivor of Terrorist Attack and Journalist

   ***Yehudit Abrams: Scientist and Creator of "Monither": early                                                        breast cancer home-detector

11:45 Take Sandwich/Salad to go

12:00 Leave to Hebron
1:00 Meet up with Yehudit Nachshon and meet Sarah Nachshon
2:00 Shani Tarragin: the Matriarchs and Cave of Machpela
4:00 Stop at Pinah Chama, rest-stop for soldiers
5:30 Sushi and Salad dinner
7:00 Back to JM

Monday Feb. 17th

Taking it all Home

7:00 Breakfast opens

8:00 Yoga with Marla
9:00 The Power of Transformation            Chaya Lester
10:15 The Stretch to Infinity             Nechemia Coopersmith
11:30 Living with the 6 Constant Mitzvot
break for shopping and lunch

Banquet dinner.

Upcoming trip:
Nov. 5th -11th, 2019
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