The Women's Reconnection Trip presents:

Recharge and Nourish your Body and Soul

Step it up trip April 30-May 6, 2018

A blend of spirituality, inspiration and growth while touring the Land of Israel.

Mon April 30th –Trip Begins!   

Heroic Jewish Women 

7:15 Meet and Store baggage at Dan Boutique hotel

7:45 Depart from Dan Boutique hotel

8:00 Depart for Zichron Yaakov with Eve Harow

9:45 Coffee/ bathroom break

10:00 Tour of Aaronsohn House,  Beit Aaronson movie and the Rothschild gardens 

11:30 Tour of Zichron Yaakov

12:30- 1:30 Break for lunch and a stroll around the town

1:30 Quick visit to Ceaseria and Ride to Golan

3:30 Donna Gracia Museum

5:00 Depart to Kinar Hotel

5:20 check in 

7:00 Dinner

8:30 Ice breaker and Getting to know you    Conference room

Optional Yoga class

Tuesday May 1st
A Place for Prayer

6:30 Israeli breakfast

7:00 Optional swimming

8:00 Optional Tefilla Class   with  Andrea Portal

9:00 depart for Gamla
9:30 -12:00 Hike Gamla

     tour of one of oldest synagogues and first stand of Jewish resistance.           What is purpose of a Beit Knesset (synogogue)?
12:00-1  Tour Katzrin and break for lunch.

1:00  Depart to Ein Zivan De Karina chocolate factory 
1:30 Tour of factory and Chocolate- making film

3:00 Depart to Mount Bental Golan heights overview

4:00 Pottery making workshop with Dena Zarka
6:00 Return to Kinar

7:00 Dinner
7:30-9:00 Optional Swimming or Yoga

Wednesday. May 2nd

Study of Torah

7:00 Check out and depart for day

Stop in Bikaa at Kasr el Yahud 

9:30 Stop at Einot Kedem Ranch and meet Naama Atidya 

12:00 Depart to Jerusalem

1:00 Lunch at Nishmat (Institute of Learning for Women)

2:00 The Mystical Meaning of Lag Baomer

3:00 The Power of Prayer    Mrs. Racheli Fraenkel

4:00 Depart to Pantry Packers

5:30 Check in to Dan Boutique

Free for dinner

8:00 Musical Performance at the OU center

9:30 See bonfires in honor of Lag Ba'omer


Thursday May 3rd   

Connecting with our Spiritual Essence 

6:30 Breakfast opens

7:45 Optional Tefilla class

8:20 Depart for OU Center 

9:00 In the Footsteps of our Matriarchs    Shprintzie Rappaport

10:15 4 Ways to bring Inspiration into Your Life    Dini Coopersmith

11:15 Walk to Old city                                                                   

12:00 Road Rage, Empathy and the Art of Being Human

                  R. Nechemia Coopersmith    Beren lecture hall, Aish bldg

1:00 Free time for lunch

2:00 Old City tour with Rav Binny Friedman

3:45 Rooftop of Orayta Yeshiva

4:30 3D virtual Reality Experience

Time to Pray at Kotel

5:30 Depart to Lone Soldier Center

Visit and eat Light dinner with the soldiers

Back to hotel

8:30 Laughter and Improv Workshop   Debbie Hirsch    Dan Boutique 


​Friday May 4th

Preparation for the Queen

6:30 Breakfast opens

9:00 Depart to Begin Museum

9:15 Tour of Menachem Begin Center

10:45 Walk (or ride) to Bikur Cholim hospital on Strauss st. 

11:00 Jerusalem Prepares for Shabbat: walking tour with Rabbi Sam Shor

1:00 Nachlaot and shuk  

2:30 Prepare for Shabbat

5:45 Walk to Old City

​6:30 Candle lighting at Jenni and Simcha Reich's   #13 Shoneh Halachot St.

6:45 Short talk with Sara Yocheved Rigler

        Walk to kotel

        Kabbalat shabbat at kotel

        Sing and Dance (join JWRP concert)

8:30 Dinner in Old City at the Reich's (#13 Shoneh Halachot St.)

11:00 Walk back to hotel

11:30 Optional Oneg Shabbat in Lobby


Shabbat, May 5th.  

Shabbat- an Island in Time

8:00-10:45 Breakfast/Kiddush

8:30 Shul Options: Great Synogogue, Shlomo Carlebach, Hanasi 

11:00 Leave to Shabbat hosts- 8 Zerubavel st. 

11:15  Shabbat Shiur   

12:00 Lunch -- Shabbat hospitality at Flamholtz family   8 Zerubavel st.

3:00-4:30 Shabbat Rest
5:30 Depart Seuda Shlishit

6:30 Seuda Shlishit  at Chaya Lester of Nachlaot.  43 Beer Sheva st.

​​8:01 Havdala 

8:30 Free evening to walk around shuk, Old train station and Ben Yehuda

Sunday, May 6th

Taking the Inspiration Home


6:30  Breakfast

8:15 Optional Tefilla class

9:00 Check out and place bags in bus

9:15 Leave to Shiloh with Eliana Pessentin

10:15 See Chana's Memorial and tour Ancient Shiloh

12:00 Sandwich lunch at Tel Shiloh

12:45 Artisan Crafts Workshop with Suri Provisor

2:15 Depart for winery

2:30 Visit and Tour Tura Winery   with Vered

3:45 Visit Eliana's house in Eli

5:00 Delicious Banquet Dinner- at "Asader L'seudata"/

Parting Words, Fill out evaluation forms, Wrap up and dinner

7:30 Depart to Ben Gurion airport      

​L'hitraot! See you again next year!

Upcoming trip:
Nov. 5th -11th, 2019
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