Women's Reconnection Trip

Body and Soul Retreat

November 6-12, 2018

Monday, November 5th

Additional Optional day for extra $200

8:00 Leave from the David Citadel hotel

8:45  Pick up from airport or Shilat junction

9:15  Leave to Kibbutz Einot Kedem and meet Naama Atidya

10:15 Coffee and snack at Olive Oil farm and factory

11:30 Depart to Tsfat

1:30 Guided meditation, Art Workshop and Light lunch with artist Miriam Greenberg

3:00 Tour of Tsfat with Jodi Sugar

4:00 Meet Esther Avta the "Kever trekker"

5:00 Leave to Jerusalem

7:30 Check in to Eldan hotel for the night

Free evening- get a good night's sleep!


Tuesday, November 6th

Connecting Body and Soul​​

​​8:30 Pick up from Airport/ Shilat junction

9:30 Pick-up at David Citadel hotel in Jerusalem

Money Changer will be available at 8:30 in Lobby

Walk to OU Israel Center

10:00 Body and Soul Dynamic    Shprintzee Rappaport  

11:00 Welcome Brunch

11:35 Our Mission in Life                Dini Coopersmith

12:30 Ride down to the Dead Sea

2:30 Check in to Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea hotel

3:00-5:00 Time for pre-ordered spa-treatments

4:00 Optional class with Sarah Batya

          Aging Gracefully and Healthfully

5:00 Getting to Know You- Ice Breaker

6:00-7:00  Zumba     Miriam Grosz

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Rules of the Road of Health  Nilli Grutman-Eshet

9:00-11:00 Private Spa time

9:30 Optional: What you need to know about your Pelvic floor Muscles                                                             Miriam Grosz 

10:00 Optional: Q&A with nutritionist     Nilli Grutman-Eshet 


Wednesday, November  7th

Meaning and Purpose

7:00 Breakfast opens

8:00 Options:

         Pilates with Miriam Grosz

         Dead Sea

        Spa Treatments (from 9:30)

9:30 Check out and pack bus

11:00 Getting to know your Soul             Dini Coopersmith        
12:00  Break-out discussion groups:
What is my Unique Potential?

1:00  Depart for Jerusalem

2:45  Arrive at "One Family" organization

         Lunch and Hear about "One Family" Organization

3:00 Dancing through Life Cheryl Mandel

4:00 Leave to Check in to David Citadel hotel

5:30 Free for dinner

8:00 Laughter Workshop   at King David Residence  #16B King David St.                                                                               Debbie Hirsch

​Thursday, November 8th

Connection to Others​​

8:00 Breakfast at the hotel 

9:00  A piece of the Parsha  Elissa Felder
9:30  When the Judge is You     Rav Gavriel Friedman

11:00 Road Rage and the Art of Being Human     at Hotel

                         Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith

12:30 Leave to Gush Etzion 

12:45 Meet Steve Gar   Counter-Terrorism expert - tour and                           discussion 

Arrive at Kibbutz Kfar Etzion

1:00 Getting your bearings (View from the German Monastery)

Lunch - "HaChumusia" in Kfar Etzion

2:15 Sound & Light Show (Overview of ancient and modern history of the Gush Etzion)
Oz VeGaon - Established in Memory of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali (3 Kidnapped boys) 

5:15  Summary at the Pina Chamah - Pit stop for soldiers at the Gush Etzion Junction - Give out treats to soldiers

6:00 Back to Jerusalem

7:00 Sushi Workshop and Dinner with Chef Grace (Ginendy) Natik

8:30 "Challa and Chassidut" class with Rabbi Sam and  Henny Shor

at Tania Hammer's house- #4 Hanoch Albeck st.

Friday November 9th

Preparing for the Queen

6:30 Breakfast available

7:45 Trip to Kever Rachel with 

                 Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky

9:15 Arrive at the King David Residence  16B King David St.

9:30 What is the Purpose of Prayer? 

                    Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky

11:00 "Jerusalem Prepares for Shabbat" 

                  tour of Meah Shearim/ Geula  with Rabbi Sam Shor

12:30  Prepare for Shabbat

​​3:30 Leave for Old City

4:00 Bringing in the Shabbat Queen with Elissa Felder  

         Candle-lighting at Pamela Claman's in the Old City

         Dance and Daven at Kotel

6:00 Dinner at Claman home 21 Shoneh Halachot St. with                 Coopersmiths

Meet a special family with a beautiful home overlooking Har HaBayit

9:00 Walk back to hotel

9:30 Oneg Shabbat and class "Building Resilience" with Elissa                   Felder  in Lobby

Shabbat, November 10th

An Island in Time

6:30 Breakfast opens​​


Shul Options: Hotel shul Great Synagogue, HaNasi Shul ,Kotel, Shlomo Carlebach Shul

10:15  Breakfast/Kiddush    

10:30  Daily Dose of Prayer              Amy Lefcoe

11:30 Walk to host families

12:00 Lunch with special Host Families in the area

3:00  The Power of the Jewish Woman    Dini Coopersmith

4:00 Meet in lobby to walk to Chaya Lester    7 Beer Sheva St.

5:00 Spiritual Tour of Nachlaot and Musical Havdala and Melave Malka at Lester Home

7:00 Free Evening

Sunday, November 11th​​

Connecting to the Almighty

6:30 Breakfast 

7:00 Yoga near the pool

8:30 Walk to Aish in Old City

9:00 Photo Op on Aish Rooftop

9:15 Developing a Relationship with God   Dini Coopersmith

10:30 The Stretch to Infinity

                                  Rav Nechemia Coopersmith     at Aish 

12:00 Walk down to City of David

12:30 Sandwich/ Bagel Picnic Lunch at the Palace Garden

1:15 Drop in to Tania Hammer's jewelry shop 

2:00 3D Experience and Tour of City of David with Yehuda Deutsch

3:45 Free time at the Kotel

5:00 Healthy Shopping Tour of shuk

                                  Nutritionist Nilli Grutman-Eshet

6:30 Free evening

Monday, November 12th​​

Taking the Inspiration Home​​

6:30 Breakfast Served

8:30 Check out and store luggage

9:00 Walk to OU Israel Center

9:15  Ways to bring Inspiration and Mindfulness in to Your Life

                                                                         Chaya Lester

10:15 Women and Communicating with the Almighty

                                                               Zemira Ozarowski

11:15   Walk back to hotel to pack bus

12:00   Leave to Shiloh 

12:35    ​Meet Eliana Passentin

1:15     Light Bagel Lunch

1:45     Tour of Ancient Shiloh    with Eliana Passentin

3:30     Visit Eliana's house In Eli

4:30     Tura Winery  - tour and Wine Tasting with Vered 

6:00      Farewell Banquet at Asader L'seudata" in Gvaot

             Group Wrap up:  Parting words,  Reflections, Evaluations and                       Dinner

8:00  Back to Jerusalem and leave to Airport


L'hitraot- See You Next Year!

Upcoming trip:
Nov. 5th -11th, 2019
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