Women's Reconnection Trip

Heart, Mind, Body and Soul Retreat

November 5-11, 2019

Tuesday, November 5th

Connecting Heart, Body and Soul​​

"A Healthy Soul is in a Healthy Body" (Maimonedes)

9:30 Meet at David Citadel hotel in Jerusalem

Money Changer will be available at 8:30 in Lobby

Workshop What's Our Mission in Life?            Dini Coopersmith  

11:45 Welcome Brunch

Depart to Aish building in Old City

12:30 Preparation for Western Wall experience   R. Eitiel Goldwicht

1:00 Visit Kotel

2:00 Leave to Dead Sea

3:00 Check in Optional Spa Treatments

5:00 Getting to Know You- Ice Breaker

6:00 Dancing for Life                     Cheryl Mandel  

7:00 Buffet Dinner at the Hotel

8:30  Rules of the Road to Health and Nutrition   Nilli Grutman Eshet

9:00-11:00 Wine and Kumsitz outdoors at the pool

Wednesday, November  6th

Becoming Whole with Oneself

"If I am not for Myself, Who will be for Me?"​ (Ethics of the Fathers)

7:00 Breakfast opens

8:00 Yoga with Marla

9:00 Options:

Visit Dead Sea

Spa treatments

More about Nutrition, Detoxing and Health  Nilli Grutman Eshet 

10:00  Stretching for Flexibility     Nilli Grutman Eshet

11:00  Workshop: Getting to know your Soul and                 

                    Strategies for Using our Unique Talents

                          Facilator:  Dini Coopersmith 

1:00 Depart for Tour of Kibbutz Ein Gedi and Botanical Gardens

optional Ein Gedi hike 

2:30 Lunch break - sandwiches and salads

3:30 Head back to Jerusalem

5:00 Check in to David Citadel hotel

 Freshen up and meet in Lobby to walk to Dinner

6:00 dinner at Keren HaYesod 9 (Airbnb house about 5 min. walk from hotel)

6:45 Spiritual Anorexia and Healthy Self Esteem   R. Eric Coopersmith

8:00 Chocolate and Wine and Art Ba'Aretz workshop with Bonnie Katzenstein


​Thursday, November 7th

Heroic Women and Becoming Whole with Others

"If I am only for Myself, What am I"? (Ethics of the Fathers)

​8:00 Breakfast at the hotel

Walk to Aish World Center

9:00  Photo op on the Roof of Center  

9:15 Lessons from our Matriarchs   Shprintzee Rappaport

10:15  Road Rage and the Art of Being Human    Rabbi Nechemia                   Coopersmith

11:15 Judging your Fellow Favorably Rav Gavriel Friedman

12:45 Free for Lunch in Old City

2:30 Tour of Old City with Eytan Rund

3:30 New Tunnels and Excavations

5:15 Tanach Experience at the Cardo

6:15 Leave to meet Chana Mason near shuk   

  Healthy Tasting Tour/ Happy Hour at shuk

                                  Chana Mason

Free evening

Friday November 8th

Becoming Whole with the Almighty and 

Preparing for the Queen

6:30 Breakfast available

Classes at the Hotel

9:15 The Stretch to Infinity

                                  Rav Nechemia Coopersmith     at hotel

10:30  Interactive Prayer Workshop at hotel: 

Facilitated by 

                    Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky 

11:45 Free to walk to shuk, eat lunch and shopping

  Prepare for Shabbat

​​3:30 Leave for Old City

4:00 Candle-lighting at the Aish World Center

Bringing in the Shabbat Queen with Marla Buck  

         Dance and Daven at Kotel

6:00 Dinner at Aish World Center

8:30 Walk back to hotel

9:00 Oneg Shabbat in Hotel Lobby

Shabbat, November 9th

An Island in Time

6:30 Breakfast opens​​


Shul Options: Hotel shul Great Synagogue, HaNasi Shul ,Kotel, Shlomo Carlebach Shul

10:00 Breakfast/Kiddush    

10:30 Developing a Relationship with God       Dini Coopersmith

11:35 Walk to Usishkin st. 24 - HaNasi shul

12:00 Shiur with R. Eitiel Goldwicht

12:30 Lunch with the local hosts in area

2:30 Back for optional Shabbat Rest

4:30 Walk to Chaya Lester in Nachlaot

5:30  Havdala and Melava Malka     

Meet a special family in a quaint area of Jerusalem

8:00 Free evening

Sunday, November 10th

Resilience and the Land of Israel

6:30 Breakfast opens

7:00 Yoga near the pool

9:30 Israel, the Promised Land      Dini Coopersmith

10:30 Leave to Gush Etzion

11:45 Go to Kiryat Arba- Meet Rina Ariel: Hear a story of Strength and Faith

12:45 Free for Shopping and Lunch in the Gush

2:00 Meet Eytan Rund and Visit Oz v'Gaon 

5:00 Stop by Pinah Chamah, Rest stop for soldiers

6:30 Visit and Hear Presentation by Debbie Kodish in Neveh Daniel:

   "Why I Chose to Live in Israel".

7:30 Sushi and Salad Dinner

8:30 Depart to Jerusalem

Monday, November 11th​​

Taking the Inspiration Home​​

"And if Not Now, When?" (Ethics of the Fathers)

7:30 Breakfast Served

Gratitude Modeh Ani Yoga  Marla Buck

9:00 Check out and store luggage

9:30 Transformation and  Inspiration        Chaya Lester

10:30 Writing Workshop: Our Inner World

                        Facilitated by Karen Kuflik

11:30  Be Mellow with Your Fellow      Amy Lefcoe

12:30  Leave to Ancient Shiloh

1:30 Free for Lunch and Shopping in Shiloh

3:30 Tour Ancient Shiloh

4:30 Visit Tura Winery

5:30 Dinner at Asader L'seudata in Gvaot 

Group Wrap up:  Parting words,  Reflections, Evaluations and                       Dinner

8:30pm leave to Airport

Optional extra night and day ($300)

Monday, November 11th​​   

8:00 Check in to "Eretz HaMirdafim" Glamping Site 

Tuesday, November 12th

Get down and Dirty: Now it's your Turn to Give back!

8:00 Gratitude Modeh Ani Yoga in the Vineyards  Marla Buck

9:00 Breakfast served

Leave to Shiloh with Eliana 

 Clean pottery shards in Archeological Dig

Environmental Clean-up of Springs

Pick and Press Olives at Moshav Achiya

Shopping Tour in Binyamin Region

Lunch at Psagot Winery

Sorting Clothes in 2nd hand store

Prepare Food Packages for Soldiers in Eliana's house

Deliver to Soldiers at Check-Point

Off to the airport!


L'hitraot- See You Next Year!

Upcoming trip:
Nov. 5th -11th, 2019
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